Brevetti SIC

Sic Divisione Elettronica

SIC Divisione Elettronica, is a company specialized in the production of electronic equipment, non-metallic tanks and hybrids solar panels. Founded in 1989, has led the way as part of its production to become a leading company with over fifty patents to its credit.

SIC Divisione Elettronica, an ISO 9001 approved company, finding inspiration in the most varied context and applying this inspiration to the productive sphere of reference, provides products in line with the quality standards required by product standards and that fully meet the needs of customers. This is a matter of constant and exponential growth in Europe, but especially beyond: USA, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria.

The staff of professionals with over ten years experience is at the forefront in the field of electronics, but above all able to design, prototype, patent and produce with the help of an internal mechanical division, marine equipment, distress signals, level indicators, tanks and high-efficiency hybrid solar panels, street lights.

The "team" that composes SIC Divisione Elettronica is able to accomplish great things, stage by stage until the aim is reached.