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Product code: EPFB0002

The thinnest and most powerful under hull spot light ever made. The LED lights with which it is made of give out the brightness corresponding to an halogen lamp of more than 100 Watt. Minimum dimensions, extremely low consumption, with a fixing hole to be made of less than 2 cm.


Product code: EPFB0001

The thinnest and most powerful under hull spot light ever made. The LED lights with which it is made of give out the brightness corresponding to an halogen lamp of more than 100 Watt. Minimum dimensions, extremely low consumption with a fixing hole to be made of less than 2 cm.


Product code: EPFB0004

The LED underwater pool spotlight is a high-efficiency 150 W power and 28 V dc power supply; compared to traditional lights, it show an 80% lower power consumption and a lifespan of over 10 times higher.It has a current and temperature safety check (if the spotlight is not cooled in water, temperature control will start a power reduction procedure until it turns off). It is powered by an external high-efficiency switching power supply (220 V Input, 28 V 5A Output) included in the price.
The electronic circuit is a proprietary technology with special features that allow you to get the maximum power from the components in tight spaces without compromising the components themselves. The cable is made of polyurethane and is very resistant to cutting and chemicals, with tinned copper conductors against corrosion (5 meters length, longer cables on request) to allow the connection to the power supply to be placed at the proper distance required by law. The control circuit (in the supplied switching power supply) allows using dozens of meters of cable and automatically compensate for voltage drops, thus avoiding having to use conductors of large sections.
The lighting is 12.700 lumen in total (the highest brightness of the category) for 20.000 hours of lifespan, it is supplied by 16 pieces of LED, 10 W each, corresponding to a 500 W halogen spotlight with a traditional luminous efficiency of up to 85 actual lumen/watt; the light is white with a colour temperature of 6300 ° K.
The spotlight consists of a full chromed brass body with 4 mm thick tempered glass filled with a special UV and chemical agents resistant silicon that ensures the full and definite seal tightness over the years. The possible applications for the LED pool spotlight are : boats lighting, swimming pools, marine docks, whirlpool bathtubs, industrial liquid storage tanks, seaplane landing corridors (optional anchor floating systems can be supplied), large aquariums, marine parks.
• External diameter 150 mm
• Thickness 17.86 mm
• Diameter of mounting holes 7 mm (stainless steel screws 4.8 x 35)
The protection degree of the LED Pool spotlight is: IP 68.
• Full protection against penetration of solids and powders
• Protection against permanent immersion in water.
Technical Specifications:
LED color: Extra white
Colour temperature: 6300 °K
Number of LEDs: 16 pcs of 10 watt each
Luminous flux: 12.700 Lumen
Spotlight yield: 90 Lumen/Watt
Rated power: 150 Watt
Input voltage: 28 V dc
Rated current: 5 A
External diameter: 150 mm
Thickness: 17,86 mm
Holes diameter: 7 mm
Material: Chromed brass, tempered glass
Protection grade: IP68
Cable: 300/500V external sheath in polyurethane, 7,0 mm maximum diameter
Conductors: 2x1,5mm2 (Red POS, black NEG), 0,5mm2 green temperature control, very flexible, class 5 and tinned


Product code: EPL70002

TRK is a floating waterproof electronic indicator capable of working for more than 25 days non-stop. Provided with a twilight sensitive photocell, TRK can be left in water continuousely and it will automatically light up at dusk. TRK is ideal to signal any kind of problem during navigation, the presence of fishing nets, of scuba divers, of boats at anchor for repairs, of buoys etc.


Product code: EPF P/X/Y 0001

The choice of an underwater lamp must be a result of critical comparison of various models in commerce and consideration of such criteria cost, weight, autonomy, luminous emission, width of the beam, etc. The design of this lamp was created with consideration of all of the above placing with particular attention to price-luminous energy ratio (where luminous energy is expressed in lumen per autonomy). Thus characteristics of this lights by far exceed those offered by the competitors' products. Another important feature of this lamp is complete watertight (main reason of failure for competitors) which was reached by eliminating the ways through which the water might have sipped through.
WANAX is a new generation underwater lamp, designed and manufactured with patented, innovative technical features.
It is available in three different models with 30W, 50W and 100W parables (derived from military applications
Its special structure with the battery pack separated from the light, allows to have a very handy spotlight and at the same time to used the battery pack as a substitute of a traditional lead weights.
Wanax has a very long lasting autonomy, thanks to the choice of batteries and lamps. Besides, it transmits a constant light beam during all the necessary time.
WANAX is provided with a watertight recharging system, which has no external contact points. This feature completely prevents water from entering inside the lamp.
Furthermore, WANAX is provided with an alarm that sends a warning (while still working) when the charge is about to end.
WANAX is ideal for military activities, underwater exploration, spelaeology and for the search of man overboard.


Product code: EPFL0001 (60W) / EPFK0001 (100W)

RESCUER is a multi-use portable spotlight with an anatomic handle. It is handy and very powerful, equipped with a convenient switch placed on the handle, a cord and a plug that can be connected to the car cigarette lighter. It is watertight and it allows to immerse the cord in the water for its entire length. The switch has an electronic device which reduces the ignition stress of the bulb filament, extending its life.

Case Material - ABS
Bulb Type - G.E. bulb of 110000 candles with a narrow cone: 12° horizontally and 6° vertically.
Range - 600 metres
Feeding - 12 VDC
Feeding Cable - 2.5 metre
Switch Type - Watertight
Bulb Activation System - Mosfet


Product code: EPF20001

The NAUTILUS 5 Rechargeable torch has a very long lasting autonomy underwater, is equipped with a 10W halogen bulb and is battery powered (NiCd).
The torch comes with an electronic circuit that, regardless of the power remaining in the batteries, keeps a constant and high light intensity.
The special reflecting parabola ensures the utilisation of all luminous rays given out from the torch and, together with the halogen bulb, guarantees an intense and neat light beam.
NAUTILUS 5 Rechargeable has a magnetic switching on system electronically controlled by a mosfet, which makes it more reliable in the long run.
The accuracy of the components chosen (stainless steel AISI 316, parabola made from SUPEC - a new generation thermoplastic material -, the three O-rings and a flat gasket made from E.P.D.M.) make this torch watertight up to 100 metres.
Its peculiar linear profile makes NAUTILUS 5 Rechargeable particularly suitable for underwater fishing, also thanks to its size and to the strength of the given out light beam, which allow the best visibility even in the darkest clefts.
NAUTILUS 5 Rechargeable is also provided with a decompression table, useful when diving. This table is placed around the dome of the torch.
NAUTILUS 5 Rechargeable is fit for:
- Military activities and purposes
- Professional deep-sea divers
- Mountain-climbers
- Everywhere high performance is required


Product code: EPF40001

Nautilus 4 is a very long lasting underwater torch. Its electronic circuit keeps constant and high light intensity regardless of the battery condition.
A special reflecting parabola ensures maximum utilization and concentration of the light emited by the bulb and guarantees high beam intensity. Nautilus 4 is ideal for military use, professional deep-sea divers, mountain climbers, anywhere where high performance is required.


Product code: EPF10002

Mininautilus is a small sized underwater torch, practical and easy to carry around. A special reflecting and highly technological parabola ensures the utilisation of all the light beams emitted from the lamp. The halogen bulb, powered by 1.5vx4 alkaline LR6 batteries guarantees a four-hour lighting. Available colours: grey, fluorescent yellow, orange and blue.