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Sic Divisione Elettronica srl has always had a noticeable presence in the social life of the local community.
A guided tour organized by the company for the students of one of the local schools - Scuola Elementare Cesare Battisti of Lecce can serve as an example of it.
The visit was sponsored by the Sic Divisione Elettronica. It took up an entire morning and the company departments were involved in it. The goal of this visit was to convey to the children the social and moral importance of work. Our company consists of people who believe in future represented by our children, believe that their growth represents return not only for our company but for the common well-being of our society as a whole.


1. Arrival (30 min.)
Reception in front of the production facilities. The children are welcomed and the company and its products are introduced to them. The rules and behaviour requirements during the visit are also explained to them.

2. R&D Area visit (30 min.)
The goal of this part of the visit is to explain to the children how the product is bourn. In particular, the flowing concepts are described to them:

- Idea
- Projecting
- Work Planning
- Sample Creation
- Component Production
- Assembly of the Product
- Sale

A goal and motivation for design as well as the choice of object of the projecting is explained to the students followed by the explanation of how to organize the work to reach the goal. At this point the instruments and documents used at this stage of the production process are demonstrated and described to the children. Among them there is a computer, project-related documentation, drawings, etc. The product sample testing process is also described at this stage. Besides, each child is given instructions on how to assemble one specific product.

3. Store visit (30 min.)
Various electronic components and other materials are described to the children at this point along with the ways in which the materials and products are socked, stored, loaded and dispatched.

4. Production Area visit (30 min.)
The goal of this part of the visit is to demonstrate to the children how raw materials are transformed into components. The part has 6 main steps:

- Work with plastic materials on Press N. 1
- Work with plastic materials on Press N. 2
- Bending press – work with metal raw materials
- Laser cut
- Pad printing

5. Lunch Break (30 min.)

6. Visit to the assembly area (1 ora)
The children are accompanied to the tables where they find written instructions on how to assemble the product the development of which was explained to them during the Projecting Area visit. The children will have a chance to assemble the product the steps of creation of which they have been following from the beginning of their visit.
During the assembly the children are given a product label to be attached to the product assembled by them. The label has an identification number of each child.
The assembled, tested and packaged products will be loaded on the cart and taken to the store where they will be kept until sold. At this point the children will be given “coupons” which they will be able to use to “buy” the products that are for sale.

7. Sale (30 min.)
All steps of the sales process are explained to the children. At this stage the children “buy” the product using their “coupon”, which they have previously received at the assembly stage. They are also given a CD, which contains the summary of their visit and a tag confirming their completion of the training - “stage”.