Company - History

Fuggiremo il riposo Fuggiremo il sonno Supereremo in velocità l'alba e la primavera E prepareremo giorni e stagioni A misura dei nostri sogni 

SIC Divisione Elettronica Limited partnership, was founded within the company Salento Industrie Chimiche (a hangar was rented for the premises); Company’s capital was € 20,658;
FISHERMAN – The first high-autonomy and low-cost flashlight for the fishermen was manufactured.



On June 7th SIC Divisione Elettronica Limited partnership acquired the Ltd Status;
The first certification RINA for the SOTERFOS and ALTAIR products took place in April.


Type-approval of KTR took place in February.


On June 26th  the capital of SIC Divisione Elettronica Ltd increased from €20,658 to € 51,646.


Type-approval of ASTERIA lights took place in May.


In June the company received the JAR-21 POA certification, which allowed it to manufacture and approbate aeroplane parts.



On April 7th the capital of SIC Divisione Elettronica Ltd increased from €51,646 to € 284,051.


Type-approval of GEMINI took place in January.


Type-approval of Liquid Level Sensors and of DARK BREAKER and DEFENDER products took place in March;
Type-approval of GEMINI SALINA took place in August;
Type-approval of the product SEARCHER for life boards took place in October.


On June 4th Giorgio Aguglia acquires 100% of ownership of the company SIC Divisione Elettronica Ltd;


On July 25th Giorgio Aguglia buys out the remaining share of Plastronic Ltd.
As of today the quotes are distributed in the following way: 51% is owned by SIC Divisione Elettronica, 49% is owned by Giorgio Aguglia;
Type-approval and receipt of the International Patent for new Digital Gauge and Capacitive Liquid Level Sender. Type-approval of CONQUEROR LED took place.


New production line of LED Navigation Lights; new life-ring buoy light KTR LED and further development of fuel tanks; Conclusions of the research project "Development of a bicombined thermal photo-voltaic panel called Vehor. International Patent.


Enlargement of the company premises by building of a new two-storey for a total surface of 3000 sqm. Starting of a new research project for tanks made of nano charged polymer material. First participation to AIRTEC 2007 in Germany.


SIC buys a new machine for rotational moulding and develops a series of new fuel, white or black water tanks, careened and made on customer specifications


SIC's tanks moulds range expands and today the company is able to meet the many needs of shipyards with a range of tanks from a minimum of 30 litres to a maximum of 800 litres capacity


Sic Divisione Elettronica develops a new line of under hull and pools spotlights. Using a cutting edge technology, we use LEDs from 30 to 150 W for spotlights


The famous Asteria lifejacket light, known throughout the world, was "reborn" in a LED version: as in the classic version, which remains unchanged, but with the best of LED technology