Innovation and leadership since 1989

With over 50 patents under our belt, we have led the way in renewable technologies.


Founded in 1989 SIC DIVISIONE ELETTRONICA srl is one of the leading manufacturers of marine electronics, safety lights and components of fuel management systems for commercial, leisure and defence markets. It is also branching into the automotive and aeronautic sectors and in the market of alternative energy sources.


SIC DIVISIONE ELETTRONICA becomes SIC NAVY, to continue its mission as European leader in the design and production of technopolymer tanks, level sensors, navigation lights and electronic equipment for the marine field.


SIC Solar, an innovative research and development firm in the field of renewable energy, launches itself into the international market with its RA thermal-photovoltaic hybrid panel and its several applications with the most energy efficiency.

Global Expansion

Our national and international presence is growing daily. We have a net-work of dealers that expands from Italy to every European country, USA, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries.

Today SIC DIVISIONE ELETTRONICA is a limited responsibility society with a single partner Giorgio Aguglia, who founded the company and followed its every step and stage of development.


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